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Section B – Article #6

- Healing With the Christ's Light -

By: Gary Smith
Jesus the Christ said 2,000 years ago, "All That I Do, You Can Do".
Early Christians were able to heal themselves and others with only their hands by using Christ’s Light of God's Unconditional Love. Today's Christians who forsake hate and embrace Jesus' path of Unconditional Love with true forgiveness for themselves and all others can do the same wondrous healings with Christ's Light.
Every Christ's Light Teacher is trained to use the same ancient healing methods of Christ’s Light of God's Unconditional Love to heal any and all people who are ready.  Our ancient and present day healings show that all those people who come ready to be healed, are in fact healed.

One gets ready for a Christ Light healing in today’s world in the same way people did 2,000 years ago. One begins by praying to God the Father and asking forgiveness for all the harmful actions one did to others and by giving their personal forgiveness to all those others who did harmful actions to them.  Two thousand years ago the Christ would lead people through a special forgiveness prayer before he would give them their healings.  Upon complete forgiveness, those people would be filled with the Christ's Light energies of God's Unconditional Love by the Christ or one of his healers and thus be healed. One becomes a Christ’s Light healer by living their life unceasingly in that state of blissful awareness called Unconditional Love.

Christ taught his inner circle of his followers how to use Christ’s Light of God's Unconditional Love to heal others. Jesus warned them that in their healing work that only those who are ready to be healed, would be healed. He requested his inner circle to remember before working on healing another, to verify that all of the people coming for healing had prayed to God with an open heart using the "The Forgiveness Prayer. We have found that only those people who are in emotional and mental balance with all of their past events as a result of using the Forgiveness Prayer, were ready for healing with Christ’s Light of God's Unconditional Love".


This wondrous "Forgiveness Prayer" from the days of Christ along with several other 2,000 year old prayers and spiritual techniques are now available for free to anyone in the world via email and regular mail.  Send an email to: with a subject line of "Ready for Step 1 and The Forgiveness Prayer" to receive these wonderful prayers and techniques.  By regular mail send $1 to cover postage to: Christ Light, P.O. Box 7212, Shoreline, WA  98133.


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I give precise, clear and understandable instructions on exactly how to forgive yourself, love and navigate inside of any thought, feeling or experience.

More Quotes To Come.

Everything that you choose to recognize as yourself becomes a gift that is a doorway to liberation. This does not mean that you need to work on yourself for the next 10 years when things are finally clear enough in your life and consciousness . . . then you decide to choose oneness and seeing everything as yourself. NO. Choose this now. It is available to you as long as your belief systems take a vacation. There is no future. There is only right now and allowing yourself to be one with what you are experiencing and feeling is at first mechanical and then after faith sets in, it is easy. It is actualization and not realization that works. Oneness is not an experience as much as a knowing that this is all my body. Getting caught inside of looking for the oneness experience is the trap of the mind to not opening to oneness.


Trying to choose anything from the mind and from your comparison mode is a form of suffering. Choice only exists the moment it needs to be made. All analysis causes one to touch their own pain body and contract into illusion.


Affirmations work. Is that true? Trying to change things by forcing them to be something they are not is called manipulations. Has it ever worked? . . . or has it just moved around the suffering to another part of your life. Exchanging one suffering for another.Love is the answer to everything.Let darkness consume you. If you defend yourself against it, you immediately become a victim. Victim consciousness is a state of duality. Stop defending yourself against anything. All protection . . . All psychic protection . . . All protection is declaring that you are a victim. It is a lie.

More Quotes To Come.


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