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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #41

Faqs on Deeksha and Ilahinoor

by Kiara Windrider - June 9, 2007

Question: What is the difference between Deeksha and Ilahinoor?

Answer: From a universal perspective, there isn’t much difference. It seems to me they both come from the same Cosmic Source, they both assist the process of genetic activation, they are both here to prepare us to ride the galactic waves of energy as we enter the Golden Age.

From a historical perspective, however, there are differences. Deeksha is birthed from the Hindu tradition, which has traditionally focused on going upwards towards Spirit, dissolving into cosmic consciousness in a state of unified bliss. Ilahinoor is birthed partly within the ancient Egyptian tradition, where the focus was on physical mastery in the world of Matter.

From the perspective of spirit, we are descending into matter. From the perspective of matter, we are ascending into spirit. It is a simultaneous process, and is simply a question of whether we identify more consciously with the personality or with the soul.

In a sense we could say that Ilahinoor and Deeksha represent the yin and the yang of a cosmic polarity. After hearing hundreds of reports from people who have experienced both forms of these cosmic energies, I would say that Deeksha focuses more on the upper chakras, while Ilahinoor brings the experience deeper into the body. Many people report that Ilahinoor helps them integrate and deepen the Deeksha.

I have a sense that there are many waves of awakening sweeping through collective human consciousness as we journey towards the manifestation of the Golden Age. Each wave is birthed from the same Source, allows us to integrate what has come before, and takes us a little bit further.

Question: Is it necessary to have both Deeksha and Ilahinoor?

Answer: None of these techniques are necessary. We are entering a phase of history where these cosmic energies are being made available to everyone. It is simply part of our evolution from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘human human’ into his ‘divine human’. It is all being divinely guided from within our own higher selves. It is like we are collectively transforming from a caterpillar stage into the cocoon, and then into the butterfly. There is nothing we can do ultimately to halt the process, nor to really force it along, only to recognize, trust and surrender to the divine force within as it moves us forward.

Many people all over the world are having spontaneous experiences of awakening, simply by following the path they are following, whatever it may be. We can call this Divine Grace if we like, or we can refer to this as Cosmic Evolution.

Although none of them are necessary, all these techniques, such as Deeksha, Ilahinoor, Reconnection, and so many more that are emerging all over the world through so many traditions, can certainly help. We can use any of them, or all of them, as long as we realize it is not the techniques themselves, but the Divine Source behind the techniques, that is important. Perhaps equally important is an understanding of the Big Picture of what is happening in the world today, and why, in order that our minds can let go of our natural resistance and fear of change.

Question: So what is the Big Picture?

Answer: In my understanding of it, we are getting ready for a quantum shift. From a scientific perspective, we are preparing for an immensely huge download of energy from the galactic center, what astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to as a ‘galactic superwave’. The base harmonic frequency of all matter in our solar system will undergo a shift as we encounter this wave, which will result in a series of interactions leading to a collective shift of consciousness. This is a complex subject, and I am currently in the process of writing my next book about this, but for now I will simply say that the transition is likely to be somewhat chaotic. If we can understand what is happening, the reasons why these things are happening, and the timing of it all, we will be able to accept these changes more easily without going into fear, which ultimately will make the process smoother and easier for everybody.

Question: Isn’t the Deeksha enough to bring about the Golden Age?

Answer: The Deeksha certainly has potential for this, but from my perspective there are also certain limitations within the Movement itself. Initially, when Grace and I received our deeksha training in Golden City, before the formal 21 day process began, we were told by Bhagavan that a certain critical mass of 64,000 awakened humans was necessary before the collective shift could happen. Deeksha seemed to be a way to enable this collective shift, and we were very excited about the possibilities for speeding this along.

At one point after the formal 21 day programs were initiated in early 2004, we were discussing the morphogenetic field of enlightenment with Bhagavan. We pointed out that there wasn’t so much time left before 2012, and asked him whether and when it would be possible for people to start initiating others into Deeksha directly after receiving and integrating it. As we perceived it, this was a necessary aspect of the quantum awakening if we wished to reach the goal of 64,000 awakewned humans by then. Bhagavan responded by saying that people could experiment with this, and that if it worked for them, then they should certainly continue.

We were happy to hear this, and began encouraging people to experiment with giving deekshas, especially those who had attended our 10 day deeksha intensives, who were usually able to achieve significantly deep states of consciousness. Many had good results with this. Soon afterwards, however, we were told by Golden City that we should stop saying this to people, and that the only way to be initiated into giving deekshas was to attend the 21 day courses at Golden City.

Unfortunately, not everybody who has a passion for global awakening has the time nor the resources to undergo the 21 day program in India. When the Ilahinoor work started coming through in Turkey, and after seeing hundreds of people having very genuine experiences similar to what we had seen happen at Golden City, I began to realize that these cosmic energies were coming through in many different ways all over the world, and that it was impossible to restrict the flow. People were discovering that once they were initiated into the morphogenetic field of embodied divinity, they could in turn initiate others who could continue initiating others, creating a huge chain reaction of awakening. This was exciting to me, because it meant that we could achieve the critical mass necessary for a collective awakening in a much shorter period of time.

Question: So do you believe this collective awakening can still happen by 2012?

Answer: Not only can it still happen by 2012 or thereabouts, but I believe it must happen soon if humanity and the Earth is to survive. This seems to be the consensus of scientists and mystics alike. Human society has severely disrupted the intricately balanced web of life on Mother Earth, and many scientists and futurists are quite pessimistic about our chances for long-term survival. If the immense inter-related problems facing humanity and the Earth today arise from our over-dependence on the dualistic thinking mind, we cannot solve these problems from the same level. However, as the Mayan calendar portrays, we are about to shift from a linear experience of time and consciousness to a multi-dimensional experience of time and consciousness. As we connect with our innate potential as divine humans, the desired healing and birthing of a new planetary consciousness can take place relatively smoothly and effortlessly.

Question: So Ilahinoor can be a vehicle for this?

Answer: Yes, along with Deeksha, and along with all the different consciousness-raising techniques emerging on the planet today. I would suggest that we simply surrender to our higher self to guide the process, rather than creating expectations about what this should look like. Ultimately it is not the techniques that are important, but our trust and surrender to the divine force that is awakening within each of us. The thinking mind can only take us so far, and all identities and belief systems based on this dualistic level of perception are quickly dissolving. The butterfly is emerging, and it is time to transcend all the restrictions and limitations of our conditioned minds. It is time to recognize that each of us is a co-creator with God, and that each of us is necessary to manifest this shared dream of Oneness.


The Blessing of Ilahinoor

by Marion Kalmbach - Monday, 30 October 2006

At the German Deeksha-Festival in September, when Kiara Windrider introduced his new book, he briefly mentioned a new energy that has evolved in Turkey, with the name "Ilahinur".
After hearing this name once, it never left my mind again and in the evening of the same day, while i was dancing to some sufi-influenced music, i felt a very strong beam of energy coming down into my crown chakra flowing through the chakras all the way down to my feet. It gave my whole body a very powerful sense of strenght and stability and i stood in amazemant asking myself "what is this?" Immediately i heard a silent voice in my head saying "Ilahinur".
I just knew from the depth of my heart that it was true and from that moment this energy started guiding my way.

Later during the festival i asked Kiara about more details and found out that he will be offering a workshop about it in Turkey. Immediately i felt a strong pull from my heart to join this workshop but at the same time i had no idea how to fit in a journey to Turkey into my time and money situation. So i came to the conclusion that i just had to let it go again.

Two weeks later i met Kiara again in Berlin and had the opportunitiy to recieve Ilahinur directly from him. This time i felt the energy much softer and lighter as in that experience while dancing, but it had this interesting effect again giving a special strength and security to the body through the 2. and 3. Chakra. Again there was this call for travelling to Turkey and again there rose the doubts about how to organize this. Finally i prayed and gave it to the higher guidance whatever there is to do about this.

Then, a few days before the workshop started i got two hints from friends about cheap flights and immediately found one, leaving the day before the workshop and for a very good price. But it was only a oneway flight and when i tried to find a return trip, again nothing worked. My cosmic guides told me to trust and just book oneway, which i finally did, fighting with all the doubts and insecurities again, that this situation brought up. But when i arrived at the airport i was rewarded with the company of Kiara who surpisingly had the same flight returning to Turkey; on arrival in Turkey i had the opportunity to be part of a Deeksha evening right away, i met some new friends who invited me to stay at their house, and the whole journey started to look like one big miracle!
Somehow i felt that Ilahinur was already guiding me and manifesting almost every wish that i had soon afterwards. During the workshop i met many more wonderful people, deepened my experience with Ilahinur and was also blessed with the chance to give Deeksha to those people, who were so openhearted and full of love!

During the teachings in the workshop Kiara explained that Ilahinur works mainly on the solarplexus and helps to bring our own will more in line with the divine will. I can really relate to that in my experience, i felt in a divine flow that was guided by higher hands the whole time. In the last few months i had often wished to travel to the seaside again where i had not been for many years, and i really love the sea. So here i was in a beautiful seaside town, swimming almost every day, feeling that all my dreams are coming true in one flow.
Another great concern of mine as a peace worker had been the conflict between east and west in the world, and i wished to gain better knowledge and contact with eastern countries. This oppotunity was also here in front of me now, and i learned that most of the things we are told in our news are not true. Nowhere in the world i have met more open and friendly people who live so much from their heart than in Turkey, so i see how it is really important to connect with other countries and meet the people before we make up some opinions about them or believe what others tell us. Here i found a great chance to get prepared for my deep longing and vision to help bringing peace amongst different cultures and nations.

One week later i had another great opportunity to take part in a second workshop of Kiara. This time, in contrast to the seaside, in an ancient village in the mountains with a very special high frequency of energy. In a way this village reminded me of some "enlightened" villages in India we had heard about through Bhagavan. The people in this mountain village looked very happy, peaceful and calm, somehow in oneness with their simple daily life. For me it was also a blessing to spend time there, i slept more deep and peaceful than ever, woke up every morning with a nice tingeling in my whole body and felt so fit as if i was 10 years younger suddenly.
Working with Ilahinur in this energy was especially powerful, we established a deep connection with ancient Egypt and even recieved a message from Ra. For me personally Egypt has already had some significance for many years on my spiritual journey, and so have the dolphins. When i learned that Ilahinur was connected to the energies of Egypt and to the energies of the dolphins and whales, as well as the Sufi energies represented by Rumi, it became even more clear to me why Ilahinur had such immediate strong effects on me. It was like just giving a name and a structure to something that i had carried with me for a long time already. In some moments i felt like i am becoming a higher form of myself. When we talk about the "higher self", this divine part that guides us and sometimes seems so far to reach, now it was like coming right into my body and being "me". This fills the body with a lot of power, security and trust connected to the deep love of the heart. All doubt and hesitation, that normally accompany every step of my life seemed to be wiped away completely. There is only "here", only "now", a sense of "i am" and everything just flowing in a divine way.

And the journey continued! I went back to the seaside town and was happy to swim in the sea again. I discovered that the seawater also has a very helpful effect to bring the body into balance; whenever i felt a bit tired or overloaded by all the energy i was dealing with, a swim in the sea calmed everthing and left me perfectly refreshed.
My new friends who still invited me to stay in their house now asked me to give Deeksha and Ilahinur to others! So i was blessed with another wonderful gift, the possibility to share all this with other people! That way i spent another two weeks in Turkey, meeting more wonderful people, enjoying my great love, the sea and doing healing work with very much gratitude. This trip was truely a miracle, i sometimes could not believe my senses about how much happened for me there!

After three last days returning to the mountains once again, spending time by myself, meditating, integrating, gathering strength for the return to Germany i finally took my flight back. This flight was found just like the first one by divine hand without any problems, i just booked it about 5 days before i left. The moment i knew it was time to go the flight was there. Trust is a wonderful helper on the way, and i pray to always remember that for my future path. Now i'm back in Germany hoping that i can bring some of the great blessings i experienced to this country and share them with the people here and in other places of the world. I feel so immensely greatful and blessed that words are far not enough to express it!

Ilahinoor: A Divine Light

by Kiara Windrider
November 1, 2006

Like waves upon the seashore following each other in a rising tide, I feel a series of waves moving through collective human consciousness in our journey of evolution.

The cosmic energy known as “deeksha” is one such wave. Originating in south India, the movement was founded on the work of Bhagavan and Amma, two visionary mystics who have since become known as ‘avatars of enlightenment’.

Along with my wife, Grace, I first experienced this energy in the summer of 2003. We happened to be at Bhagavan’s ashram, known as Oneness University, the very first time the deekshas were publicly given, and ended up spending several months there working with this divine energy of awakening, including learning how to transfer this energy to others.

We had also been much inspired by the work of two other visionary mystics, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who, it seemed to me, had initiated much the same kind of experiment a hundred years earlier, in response to an earlier wave of evolutionary impulse.

For the next three years we wrote and travelled incessantly around the world, eager to share the vision of global awakening through the deeksha, always in context of what Sri Aurobindo had spoken of as ‘the supramental awakening’, a time when the unified consciousness of divinity becomes fully awake within the world of matter.

Then, very gradually at first, we felt the wave pulling back. Something was changing in our inner world, and although the deeksha energy still flowed as powerfully from its cosmic evolutionary source, we realized that there were other doorways opening up as well.

I perceive evolution as moving forward in waves. One wave comes in, then goes back, making way for another wave to come in. The backwash is a time of questioning and reflection, a time when we get to examine again the foundation of our being, and do the necessary work of integration before the next wave can come in from the same cosmic ocean. I allowed myself to enter into a place of emptiness and mystery, waiting for guidance…

I was in Bangalore in late March 2006 when I got the phone call from my South African friend Vivek. He was a few hours away from me, and sounded excited. “When can I see you?” he was asking. I told him I didn’t have much time at the moment since I was getting ready to head for Turkey in a few days, where Grace and I had been invited to do a few deeksha seminars.

He insisted that he had to speak with me, however. He began to blurt out his story over the phone. He had just finished talking with his friend Rajendra, who was a seer. Vivek happened to have a copy of my book, “Fire from Heaven”, with him, and had shown it to Rajendra. Rajendra took the book in his hands, and without opening it, had gone into a trance state, providing Vivek with detailed information about my life – past, present and future - which he proceeded to then share with me over the phone.

I was intrigued. I don’t normally seek out channels or psychics for guidance or information, but there are times in my life when I have crossed paths with someone I knew I was meant to meet who had a significant message to convey. As I listened to Vivek speak, I recognized that this was such a person, and that it was important that we get together as soon as possible.

I called up Rajendra. It turned out that he was coming to Bangalore the following day, and we arranged to meet for lunch. There was an instant soul recognition, and we began to talk about planetary events and the journey of awakening. He told me much the same information I had heard from Vivek over the phone, but then added something that caught me by surprise. “You have been doing most of your work in the Western world so far”, he said to me. “However, your work has only just begun, and all this is about to change.”

He went on to say that I would be focusing my attention on the Muslim world from that point on, and that I would be sharing an important message that would help bring peace in the world. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear that. I had my own stereotypes of the Muslim world, largely generated by the Western press, and sad to say, I had been stuck with a fairly fundamentalist stereotype that was not very appealing. He went on to say that I had been incarnate in Arabia during the lifetime of the prophet Mohammad, and that it was time for me now to reconnect with that lineage so I could help people connect with a long-forgotten deeper message. This would help in harmonizing the major world religions.

I was still pondering over all this when we arrived in Istanbul a few days later. We had met a spiritual teacher from Istanbul, Isik, a few months ago in Sicily, where Grace and I had been giving a week long deeksha seminar. Isik attended our seminar and we became friends. Subsequently he had invited us to Turkey to spend some time together and to do a few deeksha events there.

So it was that in the Spring of 2006 Grace and I went to Turkey, intending to do a couple seminars and then return to India. The universe, however, had a different plan. Turkey is in a unique position of bridging two continents, Europe and Asia, and all that they represent. It is also a bridge in time, a land where civilizations and ancient religions have been birthed and nurtured for 9000 years. Turks refer to this land as Anatolya, Land of the Mother, a stargate for new galactic frequencies to be anchored on the planet today.

Before very long we realized this was where we were being called to live. Other seers we met locally began confirming some of the things Rajendra had shared with me earlier. Doors continued to open, and it wasn’t long before we had found a seaside home in this ancient and beautiful country, amongst a warm, open-hearted and extremely hospitable people.

A couple months after settling in, I felt another wave of evolutionary energy moving through my life. Grace was away doing some seminars in Hawaii, and I had been doing a 3 day retreat with a small group in Dalyan, a beautiful village on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Two of the participants, Nuket and Leyla, had just returned from a trip to Egypt where they had been receiving a series of inner messages about these awakening times. Ceylan and Nur were also psychically very sensitive.

We found ourselves experiencing memories of a shared lifetime in ancient Egypt during the time of the Pharaoh Akhenaton. As in other times before and since, this was an experiment for achieving a certain amount of mastery over the physical body as the divine energies became embodied into the cellular matrix. In times past this had led to heightened possibilities for the enlightenment of the body, leading to physical immortality, or ascension.

At a certain point we connected with a Being known in ancient Egypt as Ra, who went on to speak about a living morphogenetic field of ascension frequencies that had been built up over time through the lifetimes of many initiates who had actually achieved physical immortality and ascension in those times. This morphogenetic field had been screened off from collective humanity until a point when we were ready again to re-activate this. That time was now.

Suddenly, this energy began to weave itself into the circle. I found that it was similar in many ways to what I had experienced when swimming with humpback whales in Hawaii, when I had felt like my body lost its sense of physical boundaries, and merged with Earth, Cosmos and beyond. The energy was powerful and entered deeply into the physical body. It was warm and fluid, and felt very nourishing.

Over the next few days, more information came through about the roles that each of us had played during those ancient times in awakening this energy. The details of those stories are not important here. What is important is to know that this morphogenetic field still exists, and that it can be used for healing and for the cellular integration of cosmic evolutionary energies.

We looked for a name that matched the frequency of what this energy represented. Turkey is a land with a rich history of Sufi mysticism, exemplified in the life and teachings of a man known in the West as Jalaluddin Rumi, and known here as simply Mevlana, or Lover of God. It seemed somehow that the vibration of this mystic tradition was also part of the morphogenetic field that we were experiencing, and we recognized Mevlana as another of the great lights behind this work.

We ended up calling this vibrational field, "Ilahinur", which means ‘Divine Light’ in Turkish. Like the Deeksha, it is a cosmic evolutionary energy whose purpose is to awaken humanity to our highest potential. As we continued to experiment, we began to realize that these two streams of evolutionary energy were very complementary in their purpose, although quite different as well.

Over the next few months as we evolved a system to share this new energy, people began to provide enthusiastic feedback about the effectiveness of Ilahinur in their lives. Comparisons are always relative, but many who had experienced both deeksha and ilahinur reported that they experienced deeksha being softer and lighter, while ilahinur was heavier and more embodied, that deeksha was more cosmic and electrical, while ilahinur was more grounded and magnetic. People often feel the ilahinur energy very directly in the heart, and also in the solar plexus, the center where personal will and power merges with divine will and power, and many have reported experiencing a clearing of deep-seated addictions and emotional pain.

All this is very much in its experimental stages so far. There are different ex-pressions of divine energy, each of which may have specific functions, but I see them all as braiding together into a single evolutionary focus. Having worked actively as a psychotherapist for many years, I am excited about the potential of ilahinur to achieve profound emotional healing, as well as to deeper integrate the deeksha energies into the physical body. When working with people now I usually begin with deeksha and then move into ilahinur, sharing with them how they can access this morphogenetic field for themselves.

I have also been encouraging people who have been initiated into the ilahinur energy to experiment with initiating others. Each candle lights another directly from a single cosmic flame. It is a time to move beyond hierarchies and human structures. The morphogenetic field of ilahinur is ancient and strong, and grows with the sharing. Many find that the flow is stronger when they are giving than when they are receiving. Like deeksha, the ilahinur energy includes the potential for healing the body, mind, heart, and soul to an unprecedented extent by restructuring DNA in accordance with a divine blueprint. Our bodies are each multi-dimensional temples of God, simply waiting to be illuminated with divine light.

It is my hope that we will do this wisely and well, honoring the divine oneness rather than creating a hierarchical system, keeping it financially affordable for everyone, giving and receiving freely from the heart, awakening each other to the destiny that awaits us collectively. Sri Aurobindo spoke of the birthing of a new species of humanity, referring to this as the ‘supramental awakening’. Perhaps Ilahinur is another wave of cosmic light moving through humanity today to serve this awakening.

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