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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #4

- Deeksha of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan -

Deeksha, Diksha, Diksha Healing, Deeksha Healing, Distance Healing, Distant Healing, Healing, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Diksha Teacher, Deeksha Teacher, Bhagavan, AmmaIn Sri Bhagavan’s lineage, he has given different Deekshas to his different disciples and sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) through the years. The purpose has been to free the obstacles that obstruct in the awakening of consciousness and to allow Oneness (Enlightenment) of man's consciousness.

The Deekshas Bhagavan is giving are – Vara Deeksha and Mukti Deeksha.

Vara Deeksha - Vara Deeksha is a healing Deeksha, there is no age restriction (it is for everyone). Vara Deeksha has a variety of purposes, it removes obstacles in the psychological sphere, allowing healing to take place – healing of relationships, healing all aspect of self esteem, financial, physical etc.

Mukti Deeksha – Mukti means “freedom” and refers to, freedom from suffering – it liberates you. Presently the minimum age to receive mukti Deeksha for Oneness is 18 years of age. Mukti Deeksha is not recommended for pregnant woman and is not recommended for people who are suffering from mental disorders. Here we would recommend healing through Vara Deeksha, which could then follow on with Mukti Deeksha, once healing has taken place.

Mukti Deeksha removes obstacles in the network of Nadis (psychic nerves or energy) and Chakras, allowing the Awakening of the Kundalini Energy, reaching then the Lotus flower of a thousand petals (Sahasrara Chakra, crown of the head), which then opens all the nerves and channels for the experience of Oneness, Wholeness and Enlightenment.

It is better that the recipients have some interaction to establish a relationship with the Deeksha giver before receiving the Deeksha. This isn’t always possible but is helpful to you, feeling comfortable with the Deeksha giver helps you to trust and have faith in this divine energy exchange. We recommend people attend an Introductory Talk or meet with us before hand.

Deeksha is given where there is an appropriate exchange, experience has shown that it is much more effective than if no exchange takes place – it is a Karmic balance.

Deeksha Energy Transfer

Humanity is at a stage of being prepared to return to our natural state, that state is a state of Oneness. The Oneness state has nothing to do with how long you have been on a spiritual path. You don’t even need to believe in God. Enlightenment is not dependent on knowing the right teachings or mantras. It has nothing to do with whether you are a good person or whether you meditate. This state cannot be achieved through your own efforts. The mind cannot deactivate itself, it can only happen through grace. When you see the nature of the mind and the extent of your conditioning, when you are tired of your suffering, comparing, judging and blaming, then grace can begin to flow. Understanding this, as a mental concept is not enough, it must be felt and experienced.
The Deeksha is the most amazing phenomena happening today. It is a transfer of power and can be defined as initiation. The monks in India and all those who have undergone a specific process are now able to transfer this Oneness state to all who want to receive it. In a ceremony we place our hands on the head of an individual and in a state of divine union, we become channels for cosmic energy, which is directed by Amma & Bhagavan. The Kundalini channels get activated, initiating a process that automatically continues by the divine (sankalpa) intent of Amma & Bhagavan.
The person receiving Deeksha may go into a peak experience. Everyone experiences something unique. This may or may not be permanent. For some the Deeksha experience can take hours, days or weeks to notice a change. Once the Deeksha is received the state of Oneness has been planted and whatever needs to unfold will, this is in accordance with the readiness of your physical body and other determining factors. Sometimes the Deeksha can bring up certain things, it pinpoints the ugliness of the mind, this is necessary for us to break free – to break the patterns in our life that have been ruling us for so long. If the individual has done some cleansing beforehand or hit rock bottom, that can help – but as long as you think you can make it on your own, the flow is impeded. The Oneness state is not about loosing your mind. The same mind continues to exist, but now you have a different relationship with it. You are in control of the mind instead the mind controlling you. Its like turning on the switch and the sense of separation dissolves. The difference is internal. You can still make mistakes, experience disappointments, get annoyed, but these situations will no longer affect you – they happen – they come – they go and then it is over. In this state you discover joy and are true to yourself. There is no need to pretend anymore. It is being in the moment, experiencing whatever you are experiencing. It is not about having extraordinary experiences (but one can) it is recognising that each ordinary moment is extraordinary in itself. Before, there were interpretations going on interpreting the experience, now there is only the experience. Everything simply is what it is. There are many different states of Enlightenment as there are people. Sometimes the mind may throw up all kinds of conflict, resistance and doubt. The nature of the self is to resist change.

When effort ends, the miracle can begin to happen.


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I give precise, clear and understandable instructions on exactly how to forgive yourself, love and navigate inside of any thought, feeling or experience.

More Quotes To Come.

Everything that you choose to recognize as yourself becomes a gift that is a doorway to liberation. This does not mean that you need to work on yourself for the next 10 years when things are finally clear enough in your life and consciousness . . . then you decide to choose oneness and seeing everything as yourself. NO. Choose this now. It is available to you as long as your belief systems take a vacation. There is no future. There is only right now and allowing yourself to be one with what you are experiencing and feeling is at first mechanical and then after faith sets in, it is easy. It is actualization and not realization that works. Oneness is not an experience as much as a knowing that this is all my body. Getting caught inside of looking for the oneness experience is the trap of the mind to not opening to oneness.


Trying to choose anything from the mind and from your comparison mode is a form of suffering. Choice only exists the moment it needs to be made. All analysis causes one to touch their own pain body and contract into illusion.


Affirmations work. Is that true? Trying to change things by forcing them to be something they are not is called manipulations. Has it ever worked? . . . or has it just moved around the suffering to another part of your life. Exchanging one suffering for another.Love is the answer to everything.Let darkness consume you. If you defend yourself against it, you immediately become a victim. Victim consciousness is a state of duality. Stop defending yourself against anything. All protection . . . All psychic protection . . . All protection is declaring that you are a victim. It is a lie.

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