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Diksha - Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #37

Enlightenment: Krishnaraj Dasaji
about Samskarashuddhi

By Eva Brenckert, Edited by P?rlan Fritz. The interview took place in Varadyapalyam, India, April 2003.

Krishnaraj Dasaji is one of the disciples of Sri Kalki and Amma, the founders of the Golden Age Foundation. This Institution is born in India and is well known as Kalki Dharma. This spiritual Institution is created with the objective of helping the Humanity to discover and experience the truths of the ancient principles and live in harmony with the Universe.

Krishnaraj Dasaji will introduce you to some of the basic principles of Samskara Shuddi and also share some of his personal experiences from his spiritual path.

I meet Krishnaraj on the temple roof under the dark sky. Krishnaraj is only 22 years old. He grew up in Mumbai (Bombay). Once he went with his family to an information meeting about Kalkis teaching. His former guru had just died. Krishnaraj asked Kalki (a portrait) to let him meet his former guru. And his former guru entered in a living body in front of him. He asked the guru what he should do, and the guru told him to follow Kalki because Kalki could give him enlightenment. He handed over Krishnaraj to Kalki. Then Krishnaraj had more and more mystical experiences that led to the decision: - I wanted to become a monk and help others to have those wonderful experiences.

Krishnaraj entered the order of dasajis (monks) when he was 16 years old. He shares an example about what a mystical experience can look like.

Just some weeks ago, there was a female Dasaji at Kalki Ashram in Nemam that was in such a state of bliss that she climbed a tree in the ashram garden. Another female Dasaji stood at the ground and asked her to come down, but she just went on climbing. Then from a height of about six, seven feet she jumped down to earth and directly run away. When she came back from the bliss state she did not remember that she had climbed that tree and jumped.

I asked Krishnaraj if he is enlightened.

The state is coming and going for me, it is not there all the time. I am now on a fruit diet to develop the spiritual energies inside of me.

Krishnaraj works with Samskara Shuddi; here he explains what it is.

The kind of situations a person encounters or the way his life is structured is very much dependent on what he thinks about life, his ideas. These ideas are formed due to various experiences. These experiences happened in early childhood, or some of them happened when you were in the womb, and some of them in past lives. There are so many things controlling you. If a person constantly has failures in whatever he undertakes, we can trace it down to the childhood, basically between the age of three and nine, during that time the child?s psychological development is actually happening. That is when concepts begin to take form in the child.

The brain is also physically developing, thinking capacity increasing. If the child is subjected to some kind of a shock, the child does not know how to perceive it in different ways as we do. Because we can say okay, he did not mean to do it; he did not mean to harm me. But the child cannot perceive it that way. It is shocking and it is painful, it is all the child knows. It has a traumatic impact on the child and that is when the child make the decision "Okay, this is how the world is, people in the world are cruel or people do not understand me, nobody cares for me?, something like that. This decision will go very deep into the child.

When the child grows up into a young man, he may not consciously remember that he had such an experience and that he took that decision, but that decision will be controlling that person from the subconscious. Kalki says, "Your outer world is only a reflection of your inner world". All the kind of people you meet, the situations you are into, are all a reflection of the concepts you have within you. So if you constantly have negative concepts, you will always face negative situations. If you have positive concepts you may face very good situations.

So basically in Samskara Shuddhi, when people come with their problems, relationships are breaking, they are not able to understand the other person; they are feeling insecure and such things. We put them into a deep relaxation state we call Yoga Nidra. This is like neither fully asleep, neither fully awake. Body and mind are deeply relaxed. After they have gone into this deep state, we help them seek. With Kalki?s help, they may have some mystical experiences. Divine grace is also functioning, it is not mere psychology. Because of the divine grace they actually go back to their childhood.

Both in body and mind, they feel that they become like a child. They go so deep; they completely re-experience the whole situation. When pain is re-experienced it is actually set right. When you experienced the trauma in your childhood you could not experience it fully because the shock was too much. It is like a half burned log of wood, so the fire is not externally seen, but you blow a little bit and it comes out. So when it is burned up completely there is no matter how much you trigger it, it will not start burning. It is what is happening in Samskara Shuddhi, is letting it burn completely and then when people go home again they find very profound change in their relationships. For some people, the moment they come home situations starts to change; they begin to see more positive things happen to them, things that have been stuck for so many years begin to move. Dealing with the mind and clearing it from some negative concepts have a profound impact on your worldly situations.

But everybody have something from their childhood, and some people have a lot from this life and maybe from earlier lifetimes to, you can go on doing this forever?

Certain traumas are very important, very powerful. If the divine grace manages to break trough those traumas, the others loosen up by themselves. There are certain key points that you have to trigger off, the others will natural go away. I will give you an example. We do Samskara Shuddhi in retreats but not very deep. To do it deeply you need to work person to person. At one retreat there was this person. He had a certain kind of behaviour that he was not able to understand, he likes to relate only to one person at a time. If there are three or four persons sitting in front of him he begins to feel uncomfortable. He cannot speak, gets nervous and starts to stammer. Before we used to have another portrait of Kalki, a portrait with only Kalki, not Amma. This retreat was the first retreat with a portrait of both of them. This boy came up to me and said: "Dasaji, I feel very uncomfortable to pray to this portrait. I can only have a relationship with the portrait when only Kalki is there".

I said, because it is new to your mind it take some time to digest. Then when we were doing Samskara Shuddhi he heard a voice telling him "just go on and see what they show you" and scene-by-scene flashed before his eyes. The first scene was when he was 16 and a friend called him up and asked him to come with him to a movie. He said all right, but when the friend came to pick him up there were four other boys with him. The boy felt frightened and told his friend that his father had not allowed him to go. After the friends have gone he had a conflict inside him: ?Oh, why did I not go??

Next scene flashed in front of him. Then he was eleven years old. In that time all the neighbourhood?s children went to school at the same time. He always went before them or waited and went after them. Never together with the others, always alone. He constantly had fear that the others will tease him, and one day he tried to go together with the other kids and immediately they began to tease with him and made him cry. Next scene flashes, and that were about the family. When the family gathered together he got shy, he could not relate to his cousins, which he loved, only if he met them one by one.

At last a scene came, it was from his childhood when he was seven years old. There he could see how he went with a boy to play, the other boy had brought another friend. Then he slipped and fell to the ground and he became wet and dirty all over. The other two began to laugh, they could not control their laughter, but they helped him up and took him home. After he had changed his clothes the other two were whispering something in each other?s ear, they were making fun about him. Then the boy felt; had my friend been alone he would not have laughed at me, it is dangerous to relate to more than one person at a time.

He saw the whole journey and asked Kalki to help him out of it. Then he could feel that something break within, he could feel like a heavy burden went out of him. And since this he is free from the fear of relating to more than one person. It is like this that Samskara Shuddhi works. So clearly you can see traumas and you can get free of them. Step by step he was taking to the root of the problem.

The Yoga Nidra state is not only a relaxed state; it is a very profound state where you actually come in touch with the divine spirit within you. A lot of the words that we use are very common words in psychology, but his is not psychology we do. There is a lot of mysticism involved.

Do you call this example a mystical experience?

Yes, I do not think that you can reach such a profound state without divine grace.

Samskara means: ?to carry over from your childhood?.

Shuddhi means: ?cleansing?


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