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Diksha - Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #33

Supporting the Deeksha Process
with Herbs from the Amazon Rainforest

by Christian Opitz

In recent months, I investigated various possible ways to support the transformational process that is induced by the Deeksha.  The neurobiological changes that are happening in people who received Deeksha completely match the insights of modern neurological research on the role of the brain in spiritual awakening.  Therefore I wondered if science can contribute with some other insights to this process.  While some of the methods I am investigating are not yet at a point of being usable in a practical way, one way of supporting the Deeksha process is available and outstanding in its effectiveness: The use of wild herbs from the Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon Rainforest is what biology calls an ecological climax, an ecosystem at its absolute end point of development. Life energy is circulated in the Amazon Rainforest with an intensity and efficiency that is not found in any other living system on earth.  Plants growing in such an ecosystem are extremely potent carriers of life force, namely biologically active photons.  Such photons play a crucial role in the Deeksha process, as one of its effects is the activation of the dormant potential of DNA.  This activation is mediated by an intense flow of biophotons into the dormant parts of the DNA which enable a person to awaken from a life of survival to true spiritual aliveness.  Since our foods are depleted of biophotons unless we eat only raw plant food within three or four hours of harvesting, the body can have some difficulties making the best use of the Deeksha energy for this purpose.  This can prolong the process and intensify the healing crisis often experienced in the Deeksha process on a symptomatic level. 

To use wild herbs from the Amazon Rainforest is simply the single most powerful step to increase the available biophotons as well as other important nutrients and aspects of life energy.  The company Amazon Herb supplies such herbs wildcrafted by indigenous tribes of the rainforest.  The indigenous people involved in this project have over the years been supported by the Amazon Herb company to receive the land titles for the land they live on and have been able to stop the destruction of the rainforest.  New tribes are joining every year and this might very well be the most effective way of saving the rainforest, by giving it into the custody of people who are true guardians of the earth.  This provides a wonderful win- win situation where we can enjoy incredible health benefits of the most energetic food on earth and support the health of the planet. 

Some Amazon Herb products of interest for people in the Deeksha process are:

This product is so high in biophotons that a research team in Germany had to recalibrate its equipment to measure the biophoton concentration, because they had never assumed such a concentration to be possible.  It is the best all around supplier of life force of any food or herbal product I have ever found.  Great to add to drinking water to have a boost of life force throughout the day. 

This product is formulated following the principles of dit dat jow, an ancient herbal tonic used by the legendary shaolin monks of China to help them recover from their intense kung - fu training and to make them more receptive to enlightenment states.  Recovazon helps the body to handle any kind of stress and disease and strongly supports the self – healing ability of the body.  Available as a gel and a tincture.  The gel can be massaged into the neck muscles to release tensions and enable the body to let energy flow more freely from the head down the spine.  This is very important for increased receptivity of spiritual energy.

Containing passion flower in synergy with other herbs from the rainforest, this tincture is incredibly soothing to the nervous system.  Great for people with a veta imbalance according to Ayurvedic medicine.  Can help one to integrate peak states and the energies received in such states into daily life.  Also very helpful during times of emotional turmoil.  Calmazon promotes deeper Awareness and calmness and restful sleep.  The best support I have found for an exhausted nervous system.

Treasure Tea
Parasites can decrease the receptivity of the body for the diksha energy, because they require the body to form more mucus.  Excess mucus dulls the flow of energy in the body, but it is a necessary defense mechanism as long as parasites are in the system.  Bhagavan said in one interview that one reason why people sometimes do not get enlightened very quickly is excess mucus.  Treasure Tea contains the bark of jatoba, a tree growing in swampy areas of the Amazon rainforest.  In those areas, any life form needs a strong immune system to handle mold and any type of parasites.  The jatoba tree has the strongest concentration of immune compounds that are specifically designed by nature to eliminate parasites.  This is combined in the treasure tea with una de gato to stimulate the immune system and chanca piedra to cleanse the blood.  Drinking treasure tea regularly eliminates parasites naturally and makes one far less prone to get colds, flus or other contagious diseases.

NOTE: In late March, since this article was written, Christian, noted neuro-scientist who was asked by Bhagavan to head up scientific studies on the neuro-biological effect of Deeksha at Oneness University, had a personal meeting with Bhagavan, who has since blessed the Amazon Herb Co. for its high service to the planet, and for the supportive effect its herbs have on the body-mind and brain of those seeking awakening through Deeksha. The above products will help to prepare you for and support the Deeksha process.


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