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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #28

- The Shakti Sthala and Mass Enlightenment -

by Kiara Windrider

March 6, 2005

The next stage of Bhagavan’s program for mass enlightenment is the completion of the ‘Shakti Sthala’, or ‘Oneness Temple’ being built at the Golden City. This temple has been designed using a form of ancient Vedic sacred geometry known as ‘vaasthu’, and will serve as a physical anchor for the next stage of Bhagavan’s work. Sacred geometrical proportions utilized in the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids have also been incorporated into the design.

The plan is to have up to 8,000 enlightened people meditating in it at any given time, creating a strong morphogenetic field of enlightenment, and transmitting this state directly into the mass consciousness of humanity. It will be completed by late 2006 or early 2007. It is expected that once this is completed, Bhagavan’s ability to transfer states of enlightenment to the masses will increase exponentially. People will simply have to walk through this field in order to experience the early stages of enlightenment, following which they would be ‘inducted’ into the divine state of consciousness.
As the power of the deeksha grows around the world through the increasing number of people who are being trained as deeksha-givers, Bhagavan emphasizes that it is very important that it should adapt to the local culture and religion. There is nothing intrinsically Hindu about enlightenment. If he were born in China, he says, the same work would have a Taoist flavor; if he were born in the West, it would have a Christian flavor; if he were born in the Middle East it would have a Muslim or Jewish flavor; for a growing minority of people around the world who consider themselves outside any religious boxes, it would have a metaphysical or universal flavor.

People’s experiences in the Shakti Sthala will reflect this. There will be an empty throne in the center of the meditation hall. As people move into altered states of consciousness, what they will see seated on the throne will be the deity specific to their own tradition or background. A Christian will see Christ, a Buddhist will see Buddha, a Hindu will see their own favorite god or goddess. A Muslim will simply see a Being of Light without shape or form.
From the perspective of cosmic union, it makes no difference whether the gift of enlightenment and God-realization comes through Bhagavan or Christ or White Buffalo Woman or Allah or Krishna or Isis or Buddha, or whatever image of deity or wholeness one believes in. Organized religions, when used to divide people, usually cause more harm than good, and the last thing Bhagavan wants to do is to create yet another religion. Once our guiding light comes from within, all religions will die a natural death, he predicts. The Shakti Sthala is designed to serve as a powerhouse of energy so that these kinds of direct spiritual experiences will become possible for everybody within a very short period of time.

Bhagavan expects once the critical mass of approximately 60,000 enlightened, God-realized people is achieved, it will only be a matter of a few months before the rest of humanity becomes entrained to the increasingly strong morphogenetic fields of the enlightened state. There will be a moment when a doorway between the worlds opens, and humanity will step through this doorway collectively as an enlightened species.
I am told that Bhagavan is only manifesting a tiny fraction of his power at this time. It needs to proceed in stages. As the work grows, and the morphogenetic field of enlightenment gets stronger, more and more of his power will be revealed, until all structures of human separation will collapse in the face of this rising tide. It is expected that the completion of the Shakti Sthala will allow a much greater release of power than is possible currently.

As the strength of these morphogenetic fields continues to grow, more and more people will begin to move into permanent states of enlightenment and God-realization with just a single deeksha. Soon, it will become possible for anyone who has received deeksha to give deeksha to anyone else and give them enlightenment as well. Eventually, the individual deeksha will not be required anymore.

The state will be transferred through a glance, through a touch, through a prayer. It will happen through dance, music, and art. It will happen as people in the healing professions go about their daily work. It will happen as people fall in love. It will happen as people open their hearts and eyes to suffering humanity. It will happen spontaneously as an unstoppable tide of grace coursing through our collective consciousness.

Already, spontaneous combustive awakenings are beginning to happen all over the world. Perhaps the morphogenetic field is already strong enough for those whose souls are ready. What is coming is truly unimaginable and will not easily fit into the spiritual and intellectual boxes we have defined for ourselves. All teachings and practices will become irrelevant as the power of this wave sweeps through our collective being.

This is not a passive event, but a co-creative act. As we become collectively enlightened, we become this avataric force. It will be an order of enlightenment far beyond anything we are now able to experience as separate enlightened individuals. The human family will begin to experience itself as one global entity, one rainbow of many colors, one planetary self with many pairs of eyes, one planetary brain composed of 6 billion central nervous systems!

What this will look like in the years and decades to come is beyond our wildest imaginings. This will be the new dawn so many have long awaited in every age and tradition. This will be the day when the gates of eternity will be opened to all, and God’s dream will be realized. Or perhaps it does not yet exist even in the mind of God, and is being dreamed into existence, co-creatively, moment by moment. This is why Bhagavan has taken incarnation. This is why we have taken incarnation. These are truly the times we are born for!


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