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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #23

- What Is Diksha (Deeksha) -

Douglas Crawford

'Diksha', or baptism as we know it in the West, is a hands-on transference of Divine energy that brings about a state of oneness, or enlightenment. In the past, only a very few have been blessed with this state. Now, for the first time in human history, enlightenment is being made available to everyone through the grace if Sri Bhagavan (See picture). Sri Bhagavan, or Kalki as he is often called, is an Avatar who has the mission of bringing enlightenment to the world at this critical time.

Bhagavan says that you cannot attain a full state of enlightenment through your own efforts, although you can get close. Full enlightenment is a state that must be given to you!

What happens to us when we receive Diksha probably cannot be understood by the human mind, but it can best be described as a neuro-biological shift in the brain. We become detached or de-clutched from our mind. We are still able to feel feelings and have old thoughts, but there is no charge there anymore, and we start to experience permanent peace and joy. It is not about becoming mindless, but rather 'mindful' and being totally present with reality as it is.

If you were a native African, for example, you could probably become enlightened after receiving only one Diksha. However, we in the West are holding onto so many emotional blocks and concepts about life, that it is not as easy for us to attain this state. Most of these blocks and concepts come from our birth process and our early childhood, he says. Bhagavan has developed the Diksha process over the past few years and has already enlightened thousands of people. He is now initiating people to be able to give Diksha to others. Once we have been initiated to give Diksha, it must be made clear that it is not us, directly, who are causing the shift in the recipient’s brain. We are simply acting as channels for the Divine energy of Sri Bhagavan and the other spirit masters that are working with Him.

Bhagavan says that once more than 60,000 people have become fully enlightened, then others will start to become enlightened spontaneously. As this happens, we will progress towards the Golden Age that seers have been talking about for thousands of years. This is a critical time for mankind! It is NOW! Bhagavan's vision is to move us into the Golden Age by the year 2012! We can help support this vision!

by Douglas Crawford


Mukti Diksha - history

In all ancient traditions and especially in the schools of knowledge - Guru Sishya Sampradhaya (lineages where knowledge is given from Master to Disciple - direct revelation), the Diksha ceremony has been part of their secret rituals.

The word Diksha in Sanskrit means "Initiation", which basically consists of a gift of "Cosmic Energy", which cannot be achieved by any spiritual practice or through some intellectual insight or understanding.

It's only the benediction of having found the Master (to whom one is karmically bonded) and His will, which allows the disciple to receive such gift of divine grace allowing him to flow to the direct revelations of Ishwara (God in his personal aspect), Brahma (experience of the existence of this universe) or Atma (human mind or self).

This is a gift that the Master gives his disciple in the moment he estimates that only this benediction/gift will take the disciple to his next step of evolution in his spiritual experience.

When the Master evokes the "Divine Energy without form and attributes" to the realm of forms, the energy will take the form and quality in the disciple that he requires for his next quantum step.

This new energy in this new system (the body of the disciple), will become one with the body, keeping though the essential quality of being, the "Supreme Intelligence", working and producing in this way the biological and energetic mutation in the parameters of the need of the disciple, guided by the intention of the Master in the moment of Diksha.

There are different kinds of Dikshas with different purposes depending on the disciple and the qualities that flood on the Master.

Dikshas of Sri Kalki

In Sri Kalki's lineage, He has given different Dikshas to his different disciples and sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) through the years. The purpose has been to free the obstacles, which obstructs in the Awakening of Consciousness and to allow finally the full Enlightenment of Man's consciousness.

Today, basically exist two kind of Dikshas which are given in India, or through his western disciples, these are:

VARA DIKSHA, Diksha that removes obstacles in the psychological sphere, allowing in the disciple or sadhaka a full satisfaction in his relationships, healing all aspects of self-esteem and financial aspects.

MUKTI DIKSHA, Diksha that removes obstacles in the network of Nadis (psychic nerves or energy) and Chakras, allowing the free Awakening of the Kundalini Energy, reaching then the Lotus flower of thousand petals (Sahasrara Chakra, crown of the head), opening then all the nerves and channels for the experience of Oneness, Wholeness and Enlightenment.

What is the Mukti Diksha?

The Dasa, faithful disciple of Sri Kalki, who has concluded his process of Enlightenment and has received the blessings from Sri Kalki to transfer this Diksha, is able to give Diksha to others.

When giving a Diksha, the Dasa, in a ceremony of Love & Devotion, starts vibrating with the suffering of the person that is in front of him. He first perceives in his heart the reality of whoever is in front of him. This can happen in a matter of seconds or minutes.

After perceiving and vibrating with the sadhaka or disciple, he asks Sri Kalki through his Sri Murthi (photograph of Sri Kalki & Amma that is impregnated with their full consciousness) or through his Paramatma (Supreme consciousness abiding in his heart), for the seed of Enlightenment to be bestowed to the aspirant.

In an instant act, the manifestation of the energy of Sri Kalki & Amma descends over his body, taking full control of what is going to happened from that moment onwards...

The seed is in the hands of the Dasa, in the form of a Golden Sphere that contains the program of Enlightenment designed by Sri Kalki, covering then the full body of the Dasa, taking him to his higher state of consciousness.

From that moment we can say that the Dasa is not there anymore, he/she is a conscious vehicle of the "Cosmic Energy" that has been waiting for thousand of years for this moment, being in front of a mirror of itself, in the form of the aspirant; which still does not know the endless spaces of its existence.

The Mukti Diksha culminates with the imposition of hands of the Dasa on the head of the aspirant-disciple, a moment in which the Enlightenment and Man, The Divine Experience & The Human Experience, melt and get integrated.

We could describe it as a moment of the highest creation in Creation, or the moment where Heaven and Earth meet through a tiny line. Where the Highest Power expresses itself through the most intimate vulnerability, affecting every cell and atom of itself.

The Diksha in some cases works instantly giving as result the Peak experience of Enlightenment, from which there is no returning back. In other cases it takes minutes, hours and even days and weeks for it to express it's power taking finally the sadhaka to the Peak experience.

What is the peak experience?

The Peak experience is an experience that cannot be described with words, because it outside the realm of the mind. It is a state where time and space ceases, where past, present and future cease, melting all in one moment.

It's where the full absence or full presence in everything is being experience by the sadhaka... It's where the observation ceases as something outside the observer... To be a witness of everything, to be connected to everyone and to everything, the feeling that all things end in me, or all things arise from me... These are the feelings and perceptions of a peak experience... Again, these cannot be understood intellectually, it can only be experienced.

After the Peak experience has occurred to the aspirant, we can say that the process has come to its culmination, from that moment onwards all that happens to the aspirant will be in the parameters of the spontaneous.

He will perceive that the control of things rely on a higher power, which takes him where his heart vibrates more intensely and what he most loves. Every experience, while the body is adapting itself to higher states of consciousness, will take the sadhaka to higher states of expansion until he touches the Cosmic Expansion, where you experience the Totality of this Universe and the Cosmos.

Today is the day of this great happening, and like Enzo says (Argentinean musician of Kosmic Studio) "There is nothing like a Diksha to the Head".

Ricardo Bravo, Dasa-disciple of Sri Kalki


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