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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #18

- The 21-Day Process – Preparation - News Update -

*Only those who have gone through the 21 day intensive process in India - Oneness University of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan are able to give Deeksha (energy transfer). 21 day Deeksha givers cannot initiate individuals to give Deeksha - you must undergo the process in India (Oneness University)*

Serious seekers from many parts of the world are travelling to Southern India to take part in an amazing transformation process. This intensive process is conducted by the Dasas (male and female monks) of the Oneness University. They are totally in a state of Oneness and radiate tremendous energy. They embody light and love. They are there to guide and help the participants through their process.

For anyone who is wanting to attend the 21 day intensive process, it is recommended that they prepare. Deeksha is best received when the body is in elimination mode, major detoxification / cleansing before Deeksha is counter productive. It will inhibit receiving Deeksha. It weakens the nadis and chakras, which need to have energy to be effective. It is best to avoid eating meat and to refrain from alcohol and tobacco. Other practices that are good preparation include Chakra Dhyana and the 6 Kosha Sadhanas.

The program consists of receiving many Deekshas (energy transfers)
Removal of blocks from the chakras and higher bodies
Samskarashuddhi to remove negative life patterns and impressions
Fire rituals (homas / havens) for karmic purification
Powerful sutras and teachings
Special meditations
Darshan with Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan

The state that one receives depends on many factors. It is a cleansing and a clearing and is unique to the individual.

However there are classical states of Oneness;

Deep inner peace
Freedom state
Divine union and Oneness

Anyone who has completed the 21 day intensive process in India, are then able to transfer the Deeksha energy to others through divine grace. These people are conducting talks, workshops and gatherings in many centres and countries around the world. The way in which the classes and talks are conducted are unique to the individuals who are presenting them and their presentation is dependent on their background and direct experience through their own experiences.

The divine incarnations of Amma & Bhagavan are the source of this new wave of Oneness. This place is as dynamic and flexible as life itself, one needs to experience it to believe it. It is available to all those who seek it.

21 Day Process In India *Update*

The information that is coming out of India, is that it is very important that people prepare before going to India for the 21 day process (deeksha training course). This is a very unique process. It is among others an education, an instructor’s course, on how to be able to give deekshas etc. Before only the guides of Golden City used to give deeksha (initiation) but since March 2004 this great gift was given to the participants of the Oneness process too, irrespective if one reached enlightenment or not.
One of the important goals of the course is to start the process of enlightenment in you and for you to get a rapid spiritual growth. Personal enlightenment is not the main focus on the Oneness process. It is not unimportant also. It is more like a wonderful side-effect that many happen to get during or after the process.
It is specially designed by Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma to suit the various cultures. The guides are extremely well-trained disciples of Amma & Bhagavan. These guides will be with you during the Oneness Process.
This course should be attended only when one feels ripe for it, when one feels a sacred call from within. One also needs to go through a preparation course.
For the process to be fully effective, some basic trust is needed. If one gets operated, for appendicitis for instance, most people have trust in the surgeon, who could theoretically replace any organ in you. Or when one puts a huge sum of money in a bank, people seldom worry or get sleepless nights. In that sense, one needs trust in the Founders, the source of this phenomenon – Amma & Bhagavan – as well as the guides. Without this genuinely heartfelt trust, it will be very difficult for you to get the deeper fruit of the process.
Trust is the opposite of fear and worry, like a baby has in its parents.
Humility, noble behaviour, patience, gratitude, discipline – all are a natural part of having discovered the sacred nature of the Oneness Process.
These points are only meant to help each person as well as the entire group to get the maximum benefit of the Process. One must be more than willing to follow any discipline given by the guides of the process, either personal or new disciplines for you.
During almost all the Process, one has to be as silent as possible. This implies no unnecessary talking or other ways to communicate with others. One has to go within oneself, otherwise ones attention is scattered in so many directions. No cell phones, no sms, no emails etc.
As long as we have an ego we are bound to have images. These we have built up as a means of survival, it is all due to fear and lovelessness. These images are our way to protect our ego. Since this process is all about liberating us from the clutches of our own ego, one must be prepared to see and accept ones images, and cooperate with the guides so that they will help you to be freed from all this.
Often spiritual seekers have a tendency to be self-righteous. Christ had hard times with the spiritual people of his time, and told them: Unless you change and become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. So what is required is to be utterly honest and open to see things from a new perspective.
People and experts in spirituality can have immense knowledge, but to reach the ultimate freedom, one can’t just go on in the same lines as one has done for decades. Here also trust comes in. One needs to trust the ways that are used in the process. It is not theoretical knowledge used here. The guides only use what really has proven to work very effectively.
It is often painful to get born, it can also be painful when toxins and diseases leave the body during natural healing.
To be free, one has to be utterly honest and innocent. And for most people, it can temporarily be very painful and unpleasant when all the lies, games and masks are falling down/torn apart.
During the process, one usually has to go through some kind of dark tunnel to finally merge with the light. And here one needs trust as well as courage. This is not a process for the light-hearted and for those who dislike facing the truth about oneself, which is bound to be unpleasant, at least partly.
The highest form of learning is unlearning. Just as fasting has proven effective to cure innumerable disease throughout history, mental fasting will be an important tool towards the highest of freedom. To be clean, one need not add thick layers of perfume, one simply has to remove the dirt. Similarly, one needs mainly to be free from various ideas and concepts that are serious blocks on the way to a state of genuine and ever-lasting love and joy. This will again be difficult without trust and humility (a readiness to learn), not to come with the cup already full.
A powerful way to prepare oneself, is to intensely watch and see the games the ego plays. The ego is based on fear and lovelessness (self-centredness). It can do nothing without these three things. Humility is the greatest of strength when Grace is involved.
People from around the world who have gone to India to participate in this oneness process are experiencing many different states. Some have become Enlightened – some have become God realized – some have experienced divine states of consciousness, and some have found solutions to their mundane problems, for others their were no perceptible changes. Whatever happens or does not happen to an individual is wholly and completely dependent on him / her, and what the Divine showers upon the individual through grace. The process changes as the phenomenon evolves. The process is a phenomenon where the Divine works on you to the extent that you give way. It is essential that you work on being passive and be with yourself. There should be no interference (personal work) throughout the process.

Sri Bhagavan says. “Suffering is the movement from the ‘what is’ to the ‘what should be’ “. This constant becoming, marks when one tries to move from jealousy to non-jealousy, from bad to good, from foolish to intelligent, from imperfect to perfect, from profane to sacred is the struggle that has gone on in the human mind for thousands of years. Sri Bhagavan says, “Embracing yourself as you are is the first step and the last step”. You must be who you are. What you should be is not important. Whoever you are, you are unique. The universe has made you like that. God has made you like that. Why do you disturb his work? To surrender to God is to be yourself. To be yourself is to be Enlightened.

21 day intensive process information call: 541-488-1499

The next 21 day intensive process for westerners is;
January 6 - January 26, 2006

The fee for the 21 day process is US$5,500, this includes the cost of food and lodging at the retreat campus.


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I give precise, clear and understandable instructions on exactly how to forgive yourself, love and navigate inside of any thought, feeling or experience.

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Everything that you choose to recognize as yourself becomes a gift that is a doorway to liberation. This does not mean that you need to work on yourself for the next 10 years when things are finally clear enough in your life and consciousness . . . then you decide to choose oneness and seeing everything as yourself. NO. Choose this now. It is available to you as long as your belief systems take a vacation. There is no future. There is only right now and allowing yourself to be one with what you are experiencing and feeling is at first mechanical and then after faith sets in, it is easy. It is actualization and not realization that works. Oneness is not an experience as much as a knowing that this is all my body. Getting caught inside of looking for the oneness experience is the trap of the mind to not opening to oneness.


Trying to choose anything from the mind and from your comparison mode is a form of suffering. Choice only exists the moment it needs to be made. All analysis causes one to touch their own pain body and contract into illusion.


Affirmations work. Is that true? Trying to change things by forcing them to be something they are not is called manipulations. Has it ever worked? . . . or has it just moved around the suffering to another part of your life. Exchanging one suffering for another.Love is the answer to everything.Let darkness consume you. If you defend yourself against it, you immediately become a victim. Victim consciousness is a state of duality. Stop defending yourself against anything. All protection . . . All psychic protection . . . All protection is declaring that you are a victim. It is a lie.

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