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Diksha (Deeksha) - Section A – Article #10

- Trip To India -
Mitchell Jay Rabin

On the phone, someone just asked me "What are you looking for?" Before this trip to India, I used to respond to that question by saying something like "Enlightenment and Love, that is, if they are separate…and if they're not, I'll take them anyway."
Now, after India, I found myself saying "I'm not looking for anything. I have found what I was looking for. I just want to go deeper into what I have found, and enjoy. I simply want to savor it and get the most out of every moment and experience".
That doesn't mean that I've "become enlightened", but a process of immense delicacy and beauty has been initiated. Through the process of my life and the expression of its karma, leading me to the holy place, Golden City, just a few hours outside Chennai (Madras), to encounter one known as Sri Kalki, or simply called Bhagavan, I felt like all my life had conduced to this magical situation, wherein I could be touched (Deeksha) on the head, and have an experience of Self unleashed in such a way that it was a combination of the highest, most "tuned in" states ever experienced in my life, rolled into one. It was an experience of Oneness that was extraordinary, and wholly natural and ordinary at the same time.
I went to India on a hunch that this being called Bhagavan, had the power to awaken one to his full consciousness and to establish it there permanently. I read the website, spoke to a few friends who knew of him, spoke to a woman who's been there several times, and decided that if this were true, I simply could not, not go. I made arrangements to do interviews there, packed my camera and India cloth clothing, and left. I figured that if it wasn't what I hoped for, the worst is that I'd be with Rena, we'd have a chance to spend some time, and I'd go to other ashrams, centers, visit friends in Bangalore, and see parts of India I've not yet seen. It could only be a winning situation. I never left Golden City. From the day I arrived, I stayed, rooted, embedded in the life there, its vibration, the people who have felt the pull, or the call. There was nowhere else for me to go. I couldn't justify even going to Tiruvanamalai to see Rena's. The only thing that mattered to me was the fullest possible awakening of my whole consciousness, to the level possible for a human being, so that I may "be" where I believe our destiny points us all, I would like to assist others in being there too.
This became the first important step in correcting and re-balancing the many ills and diseases rampant in this world. This is the "real medicine" -- consciousness itself.
My meetings with Kalki (Bhagavan) gave me a chance to get to know this being, I had a chance to interview him for A Better World, and to meet with him again to discuss personal enlightenment, so to speak, but also that of the world's. He also wanted to discuss the ‘world situation' with me and come up with the solutions to the most agonizing of problems. It was deeply gratifying and soul-nourishing to have time with this amazing soul.
A brief description of the experiences I had, upon the diksha, i.e., the crowning point of the 5-Day Enlightenment Process, would be to say that everything that would have been considered happening "outside" me was now happening "inside" me. I was in an utterly awake state. It was simply like "The lights were Turned On!!

But really, there ceased to be any separation between in and out at all. All experience was direct and poignant. There was also no separation between any idea of God and God itself. And everything else was included, including "myself" to the extent that there was a "myself". I most immediately discovered this when, in the midst of ecstasy in gazing at the sky, I exclaimed "Thank God for all this!" I felt like I was thanking everything equally, including "myself". There was no distinction to be made. God was both in and out of me and not separate from me. I felt like I was in a Woody Allen movie in the middle of South India amidst a breakthrough of the highest order after 25 years of psychoanalysis, and on the last day of it, the shrink slipped a psycho-active substance into my water. It was actually far, far beyond that.
It was as though, as I said, the "lights got turned on". Until then, oh I was alive to some extent, and indeed, more alive than many, but now, the deeper, higher lights got ‘turned on', and I could see from the place where All was connected. It was like the circuitry was finally completed and I could see and feel reality clearly. My "self" got re-proportioned, or as I've been saying to people "re-fitted, re-sized". It was put into its rightful place….rather tiny in the face of the cosmos, and our true universal/cosmic identity was emergent. It's not that ego or mind was bad or some such thing or had no place….no, it was that they took over running the ship. This diksha and all that ensued straightened that out! All was, as any good Taoist would want, in "proper balance". I was in the "truth-state", in harmony with All. It was the state from which teachings flow forth. For the first time in my life, I felt that I could get rid of all of my "spiritual" books. Now I could speak or write them. To have them would be redundant. I recognized that having them and reading them was a compensation for what I hadn't been in touch with inside myself. Life was the book itself.
It was that a part of my brain, dormant by and large until then, got awakened. As Kalki says, this is a neuro-biological process. I wholly agree. All of our brains and nervous systems are hardly used and are largely dormant. We only use 5% of our brains, right? No more! I got, through the masterful touch of Bhagavan, access to the rest of what was given to me. He helped me gain access to "myself". But this self isn't "me" in any commonly thought of way. This self was the same self of all beings, cosmically proportioned, if it could be called a self at all. "I am that" made inherent, organic sense. My ordinary sense of self was not to be found anywhere. And at the same time, the words of Kalki echoed: "6 billion souls, 6 billion different enlightenments". There remains a distinct personal blueprint, like an individual flower of a species that is now expressing this reality in his particular way. Mine felt, at least at times, like what would happen if you would cross the humor genes of Jackie Mason with Woody Allen's. All I can say is that I hoped the South Americans, Swedes and Indians I was with appreciated New York Jewish humor....
The sacred plants our precious earth offers up to us that are psycho-active, in confluence with years of T'ai-Chi practice, Chi-Kung, the Gurdjieff Work and Buddhist and Taoist meditation practices, opened the doors to my consciousness so that the "terrain" I entered was already quite known to me. The sacred drink of the Santo Daime in particular, seemed to prepare the way well. Kalki said that these places, these dimensions, already traversed where the neuro-pathways have already been cut, would be the first places the diksha would guide one through. So in the middle of south India , I felt that I may have been in the jungles of the Amazon. But it was better than that. The light kept shining. The clarity shown through. There was no toxin or substance in my system. This was this brain itself.
I was what I was always looking for.
In this holy place, for which we had spent a good 10 days and many lifetimes preparing, this humble, still, intent being, Bhagavan, through his dasaji's (servers), touched us indirectly, and awakened our consciousness to its appropriate Divine place, loca, dimension. The dream of lifetimes was coming to fruition. I went to India on an intuition and a hunch. I hadn't been there in 7 years. My visit to Satya Sai Baba, interesting and worthwhile as it was, didn't "do it" for me. There was no connection to speak of, and certainly no offer of enlightenment. But Kalki's website, and conversations with a few friends, helped me feel the potential. Here, the power was being given away. Bhagavan says "Be your own teacher. Take the diksha, let your own enlightenment guide you. Then, if you want, go back to your own religion or practice or teacher, enlightened!" A true Taoist!
These are the words of a master. He wants nothing but for our collective playground, this beautiful earth, and all of our playmates, our brothers and sisters, to be in our fullness as Divinized, truth-ensconced, joyful Beings to our core. You know, that when you really look at the biochemistry, you see that the human organism is designed for the ongoing experience of joy, pleasure and bliss. What's an endorphin? What are the skin and the senses? A fragrant, yellow-bursting flower? There's no escaping it—we're set up for bliss. But, look at us. We've missed, we've totally missed the mark. We live instead in suffering. These are not new ideas to me, nor possibly to you. But now, I'm living the truth of it, it is feeling- and experience-based and connected. They're not just words. They are my reality.
So all the teachings I've ever listened to are now living in me. They're not static, they're not intellectual, they're not even just a mild stoke. They have a real, living, or as Mr. G. used to say, "vivifying" home inside me. I spent nearly a month in India, and despite plans to travel and see friends in Bangalore and Putthaparthi, Amma Narayani's ashram,Tiruvanamalai, Auroville and Pondicherry, I never left Golden City—there was no reason to. I traveled lifetimes for this—I had no idea that it would really be forthcoming, but indeed, after several dikshas I want you to know, one of them hit us all—all 200 of us—and we began to truly create, or rather live within, a better world. In assembling a book of my poetry that I am compiling—to be ready soon before Creating A Better World Quickly! is completed, I've been leafing through old writing and came across a journal entry I made years ago. It pleaded with the heavens for enlightenment and the ability to wholly serve, with all my being, this precious planet, people and universe. Similar pleas to the Universe are scattered throughout my writings since I had some sense of this around age 15. So interesting to have come across that. And there were many others like it, entered over the course of decades. Then, in one gentle "hit to the head", I was awakened to the reality I've known during brief periods, and I awoke to that reality the next day as well. It's when you know. I was awakened to the reality I've known during brief periods, and I awoke, after a brief sleep, into that reality the next day as well. It's when you know, you know. The universe, in toto, makes sense. You get it from the inside. The world is a play. Shakespeare, among others, (like Bacon?), was right. I could see how this state, free from suffering, free from duality, simply "plugs" a person into the larger cosmic picture and all assumes its rightful place. There would not be a world of war, of environmental destruction, of 10% owning and controlling 90% of the world's resources—it simply wouldn't happen, as it is against the natural principle at play. So do I see this process as a means of truly taking this planet to its next level??? Enlightened Government! Enlightened Society! Farming! Water Distribution!!! Music! Dance! Fun! Not kidding! It's so simple it boggles those committed to the complicated. Unwinding the damage will take a little time and doing, but it is do-able. The vibration of us all enlightened itself will be a major force in the un-doing of the imbalance.
How wonderful. I see hope, I see hope, I see hope. The power-mongering of the Bush's and their best buddies, the Saudis, the Bin Ladens, the Cheney's, all of them, are utterly ensconced in fear. They're hungry ghosts, without a clue of what really this game is about. This was so transparent to me. All the greed of the multi-national corporations, all the green-washing, all the politicking and jockeying for power of our society, all the suppression, depression and repression, it all is a symptom, a terrible and destructive symptom, of a life uninformed, untouched by the power of one's own highest Self. This power clears it all up, quickly. As brothers and sisters, we are literally One, and to hurt another is to hurt oneself. This is no longer an idea when one awakens, it is real. The games of power and control cannot be perpetuated. They lose their power, and there's no lure in this realm. There's enjoyment of this realm, the material realm is joyous! But it is not a realm any longer of "power over" but "power with". From the view of Golden City , and "my" view being there, this is the way it is. Anything that is not love, as the Course in Miracles says, "is unreal". And everything is real...The awakened mind, as all the Buddhas of all time have said, and all other awakened beings of our planet, is our organic, natural way, that has gotten obstructed by the course of events, but is to be returned to by every human being, either now, or later. I, will take now.
I've been back in the States for almost two weeks. We had a last meeting with Bhagavan the night we left, and his blessings, and an invitation back anytime, indeed, for a process, that would empower "me", so to speak, to give diksha, and God knows, possibly even through the UEB Energy Balancing Program and The LIFE System. And, Kalki said, people should be able to become enlightened through the TV show. He's right! It was designed to inform, uplift, inspire and enlighten! So it will be. He said that he's going to "finish me off, with a permanently established enlightenment". Well, honestly, with what I've experienced already, what is bubbling inside me when I'm quiet, at ease, simple, is an energy of a subtle sort that brings forth joy spontaneously, and insight. An inner knowing and seeing occurs throughout the day. It disappears when I get too busy, mental or preoccupied. But then it comes back later on, or the next day. It is like this "intelligence" is working in me. In certain conversations that are related to dharma, it begins to assert itself again, a certain inner vibration quivers and quickens.
And then, if you could say, there is now. Well, there always was and is only now.
There is some sense of presence I keep enjoying, whatever it is that enjoys, that is. It feels much as Eckart Tolle describes—a felt presence. It is simple, it is aware, it is connected, it feels globally good. It has a depth, a shape of love, a feeling of, if you're ready for this, "giggly gratitude". It's just so good, so deep, you just want to giggle and cry and laugh. Who do I thank for this state? For this life? Thank you Mom and Dad! Thank you Grandparents! Thank you All-the-Way-Back! Thank you Adam & Eve! Thank you GOD! but, what, really, is God, if it is not you and I??? If God is everything, so too, is it you and me. In this state of awareness, this isn't even to be discussed. It is like saying breakfast is the first meal of the day. Everyone knows it. Water is wet.
The world as we've constructed it, with all its rights and wrongs, institutions with regulations, God in religions with rules, and social restrictions, military might, all look mighty strange from this view. Where'd we get so many odd ideas? And why did we institutionalize them all? Soon we'll all be free, and all of this will look real odd, and not just to the few of us. Each day, there is a sense of this presence, ebbing and flowing, sometimes nearly disappeared, and at others, ebullient.



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