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Introductory Talk

An introductory talk is an opportunity to share the Oneness state (enlightenment) with others. I conduct talks throughout the Woodstock, New York region - a prelude to a 1 day workshop. If you would like to host an introductory talk and workshop in your area, you can contact Solomon to co-ordinate a an introductory event or weekend retreat. Introductory talk by donation.

1 Day Workshop

Solomon conducts monthly Deeksha / Oneness Blessing / Guiding workshops. These workshops cover a variety of subjects that help people in their transformation, which can lead to a state of Oneness. Deeksha / Oneness Blessing (energy transfer) is planting the seed of Oneness (Enlightenment) through divine grace, which starts a process within the individual. People can experience, healing, releasing hurts and pains, flowering of the heart, connecting with the divine intelligence, joy etc. – It’s a day to totally focus on your self - a day to turn within.

1 Day Deeksha Workshop (energy transfer)1 day workshop - $80 and $70 for additionals, subject to venue location.

The workshops listed below will change as additions and changes come in:

Registration for workshops is essential for catering purposes.

To book a 1 Day Workshop call me at 530-852-7836.

Please call:
for an appointment for distance or personal healing.

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