Spiritual Readings

1. A Circle of Light - psychic readings, angel readings
By psychic clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra Anaya, who channels 3 angels; Uriel, Metatron, & Yannie. Learn to connect to your own angels. Discounts & gift certificates available. Healings, prayers, rituals, spells, chakras, feng shui, numerology, hypnosis are a few of our services. I send you love.

2. Ann George - Clairvoyant Psychic
Clairvoyant psychic Ann George offers psychic readings, Tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, past life readings and spiritual counseling. Visit her Mystic Store.

3. Cosmic Revelations
Author Greg Kasperek's spiritual theories on mankind's purpose and ultimate destination through personal ascension. Books, lectures, classes, and personal readings utilizing past-life regression, numerology, dream interpretation and spiritual guidance.

4. Home of UKs best psychic readers, free horoscopes and tarot readings, with mediumship clairvoyance and many other divination methods
Whispering Spirits, Psychic Readings from the Heart, Accurate and instant psychic, clairvoyant, and tarot readings, and mediumship, horoscopes, and spirituality- free readings, advice you need.

5. Psychic and Divination Resources
Free Psychic and Divination Resources

6. Psychic readings: The best Psychic Readers
Psychic readings and mediums: providing answers your questions. We provide in-depth accurate psychic readings by our very own group of professional psychics, mediums and clairvoyants

7. Rachel Keene - Clairvoyance, Reiki, Past Life Therapy
Readings by a respected clairvoyant psychic medium, tarot and past life therapist, psychic artist & Reiki healer. Free psychic development techniques,spirit & paranormal explained.

8. Spiritual Readings by Sarina
My Spiritual Readings are enhanced by my natural psychic ability combined with the wisdom of my Spiritual Guides to help you come up with a plan to get you on your destiny path toward career choices, relationship decisions and financial success. Please place my link in - Spiritual Readings

9. Spiritual Readings
Spiritual Readings

10. Tarot... Tarot Cards, Decks and Reviews, Tarot Readings and Info... Aeclectic Tarot
See images of Tarot cards, read reviews of Tarot decks and books, learn about Tarot, receive a Tarot reading, or join the Tarot community.

11. Truthful, Accurate Online Psychic Readings, Free Online Psychic Readings, Live Online Phone Psychic Reading
Amazingly accurate & detailed online psychic readings. Your online psychic for authentic online psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity and compassion. Affordable online psychic readings live by phone, personal psychic email reading or online psychic chat readings. Free online phone psychics reading, now. Free live psychic readings online, free live psychics, online psychic readings, personal psychic phone readings, phone psychics, tarot readings, free psychic reading information, free psychic readings on love, money, family, work or career.

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