1. -- Professional Coaching and Counseling
Bea and Deb offer intuitive counseling and various modalities to facilitate your ability to heal. Learn effective techniques for receiving guidance from your personal angels, and learn how to trust and identify your own intuition. Help for depression and anxiety. Self help for stress. We also offer telephone counseling, private therapy, spiritual healing and reflexology.

2. Free Spiritual Counseling Courses
Free online courses for beginning and intermediate spiritual counselors. Covers ethical, practical, and academic issues. This class is non sectarian. Students of ALL faiths are welcome.

3. Medical Intuitive
With 30 years experience, Sarah offers a free 20 minute phone consultation. Learn the direction to take to heal yourself or who you can turn to for help. Get real answers,not mumbo-jumbo

4. Soul Future Spiritual and Dream Interpretation Site
A site for enlightenment including dream interpretation, an online dream dictionary, spiritual counseling, personal growth courses and spiritual growth articles. This site is dedicated to assisting you in connecting you with your spirituality, your Godself, your soul, and through this, overcoming that which stands between you and manifesting your dreams.

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